Working Papers

Homburg, Carsten / Nasev, Julia / Reimer, Kristina / Uhrig-Hombugr, Marliese

Does Cost Management Affect Credit Risk?


Homburg, Carsten / Müller-Hammerstein, Christian / Nasev, Julia

How important are dividen signals in assessing earnings persistence?


Homburg, Carsten / Berghäuser, Marcus:

Daten des Risikocontrolling als Mittel der Anreizsetzung


Homburg, Carsten / Wrede, Nikolaus:

The incremental Cash Flow Information of Intangible Investments


Homburg, Carsten / Nasev, Julia:

Cost Stickiness and Conservative Accounting


Homburg, Carsten / Henschke, Stefan / Nasev, Julia:

Conservatism Correction in Linear Information Models


Homburg, Carsten / Henschke, Stefan:

Equity Valuation Using Multiples: Controlling for Differences Amongst Peers


Homburg, Carsten / Gell, Sebastian / Nasev, Julia:

Adjusting Linear Information Models for the Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings


Homburg, Carsten / Bonenkamp, Ute / Kempf, Alexander:

Fundamental Information in Technical Trading Strategies


Homburg, Carsten / Hess, Dieter / Sievers, Sönke / Lorenz, Michael:

Extended Dividend, Cash Flow and Residual Income Valuation Models - Accounting for Deviations from Ideal Conditions